My name is Sofia Viana, I was born in 77 in Portugal.

I struggle with mental health for some years ago, including anxiety, difficulties to deal with stress, extreme fadigue, high vulnerability and sensitiveness to others and emotional instability. I also have cognitive problems as it’s very hard to process information, taking decisions, learn new things and my memory is very bad.

And my head never stops, I’m thing all the time, it’s so exhausting.

I’ve seen different doctors and they have different opinions which doesn’t help at all. Two say I have Bipolar Disorder without the mania episodes. The psychologist thinks that the origin of my condition is my mother’s reaction to my sexuality. A fourth practitioner beliefs that the difficulties in managing personal relationships and the fear of rejections indicates Borderline Personality Disorder.

To be better I stay in close contact with friends and family. I do my meds (lithium), I cook healthy food and I’m always learning new dishes. I read, I hear music and I get out of my city as much as possible. Exercise is very important but it’s difficult to find motivation to go to the gym.

I’ll be writing more about my story in the Black is the Warmest Color (BIWC).

The blog it’s half a journal and a half a photoblog. I’ll be publishing my photos along with my texts – two passions that still subsists. Serves this blog to keep them alive inside and, hopefully, to put me in contact with others to discuss about personal experiences, reflexions,  challenges, hope, dreams and photography.

There is an ultimate desire for the BIWC. Wish me luck.