The hangover

I’m a mess today. Monday night was a nightmare, a horror movie, a torment. I was convinced that Jakarta didn’t call me over the weekend because she got involved with one of the girls that she was with. Imagining this brought to the surface the fear of abandonment and the pain that I felt 6 years ago when she got married with a girl putting our relationship abruptly to an end. I was devastated and it took me more than one year to put myself together again. Monday was the night of hell revisited. During that long hours I though to myself that I wouldn’t make it, I couldn’t handle going through  this again. In the morning I talked to her and find out that she had been sick Sunday and Monday. This calm me down but I could not get rid of the bad impression from by body and I knew that it didn’t happen but that it could happen. I couldn’t take the risk, the price is to high, I don’t won’t to pay for it. So I was in a hurry to finish everything with Jacarta and get rid of the anxiety associated with her not caring enough for me.  I know that I can’t talk with her about this kind of thing because she will feel that I was trying to make her feel guilty which she can’t stand. She responds to this aggressively, with violence and she says the most horrible things and hurtful things. But that’s what I did, I didn’t think right. I told her that I was said because she didn’t called, that I expect from her another thing specially after being there for her in a critical moment. Also, I said that we should have thought better before we got involved, and that was it, an explosion of anger and violence.  She treat me bad, she was mean. Well after the phone call was over I felt relieved and I thought I can’t do this to myself, I can’t tolerate this, I am done with Jacarta from today. And a sense of peace invaded my head, soul and body. Today this is changed, I miss her, it seams like my life is poor and uninteresting without her. I whish that she calls and I’m thinking about what should I say if I call her. How can this be! How can I want someone that hurts me so bad. Who in me still thinks of Jacarta with love despite her telling me to go fuck myself, I don’t want to ear from you again, I don’t care. Even though she knows that this is the worst thing in the world she can tell me. It just rips me apart. I have an irrational reaction as my life is at risk. I guess it’s a panic attack. It hurt so much you don’t want to know.

There are many good and amazing things about Jacarta. She brings emotion, dignity, colour, joy, pleasure, aventure, warm, to my/any life. She is very tempting and seductive but she is a dangerous and powerful person that can brings someone/anyone down. When I talk about her a friend of mine, Canada, says I’m describing a drug.

Yesterday, I promised myself that I’d would be myself a little more Jacarta and that I’d cultivate my personal interests so I don’t need her or anyone to fill the emptiness.

I’ll be writing about my interests here and write a manifests of intentions about life. I’ve started already in the post Projectos 1.0 and I will develop it furthermore.