Forests Underwater or the Restless Mind

onda gigante

This week my psi, Holland, told me about the Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). He said it was not a diagnostic in itself but that it could explain why I feel so exhausted after spending some time around people. The HSPs are over stimulated and are very sensitive to noises, lights, confusion, caffeine, people, terror movies and a list of other things. There is a site about the issue and a researcher, Elaine Aron, a HSP herself, that has been studying and talking about it. I was glad he was finally assertive about something on my condition except that I have already brought this subject of HSP in one session and he didn’t give me any credit, he ignore it. Is my condition so complex and out of the box that it makes it impossible to explain it exactly and clearly by anyone or I didn’t find the right doctor yet?  I hope I can find the answer. Anyway, I was happy, I bought the book and I can’t wait to start reading it.

Today I had to write because I can’t stop my mind. It gained a life of it’s own. The thoughts are racing at a cosmic speed. I need to calm down and get back in touch with the reality. It feels like I’m floating above all things, not in a visually way.  It’s late but it’s impossible to go to bed. A movie it’s not an option,  I can’t concentrated and a book the same. Meditation is working but not tonight.  I’ve decided to write, take a shot to see how it goes. It’s helping but it’s the music that is doing the magic. I’m listening to Rodrigo Leão, Forests Underwater. It is divine. It relaxes me, it cleans me, it calms me down, it grounds me, it breaks my voracious mind. It’s fine art made with heart,  soul and so much talent.

I’m feeling much better now.